Classification of Flanges

Classification of Flanges

1. Standard flange

2. Nonstandard flange

3. Wide face flange

4. Narrow face flange

1.Standard flange

Standard flanges are designed as per I.S. standard and are available
readily for the pipe joints, connections between head and shell etc. These can be used for moderate
pressure and temperature.

2. Nonstandard flange

Nonstandard flanges are formed from structural section or plate.
These are designed with specific material, shape, size, bolting arrangement etc. as per the requirement
of the process equipment. Specific design procedure needs to be followed in this case.

3. Wide face flange

If the gasket is applied all over the width of the flange, it is called as wide
face flange. These are suitable for low pressure operations and temperature limited up to 200 C
Since the gasket is applied all over the flange face, bolt load required for tightening the joint is very
high and more of bolts are required. This can become costly.

4. Narrow face flange

If the gasket is applied only over some part of the flange, specifically
not beyond the bolt hole, is called a narrow face flange. Narrow face flanges can be Classification as:

(A) Raised face flange

In raised face flange some portion of the flange face is raised and is finished with grooves or
spirals so that the gasket can remain in position. A flat ring gasket of soft material, slightly less in
width than that of the width of raised face is used.

(B) Male and female face flange

In male and female facing one flange has a recessed face while the other flange has a
corresponding raised face. The flange face is smooth.

(C) Tongue and groove face flange

In tongue and groove facing one flange is provided with a groove while the other flange is
provided with a raised ring called as tongue. Tongue and groove construction needs a narrow flat

(D) Ring face flange

Ring flange face is formed by identical grooves on both the flanges. The grooves are trapezoidal
in shape. A ring gasket fits in the grooves and is well protected.

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