One Stop Chemical Engineering Center

One Stop Chemical Engineering Center

Chem Eng Online ( is a brand new one stop chemical engineering center in the making. It was founded in October 2018 and are gradually and steadily upgrading fresh contents.

At this point of time, the website is under progress but has been added with interesting chemical engineering related articles.

The beauty about this chemical engineering site is that anyone is invited to be a contributor / author. This means that if you are interested to write something related to chemical engineering, you can request to be a writer and the beauty of this is that you can promote yourself in the bio-box at the end of your article. The bio-box will contain link to your own website, you Facebook and Twitter account. This is indeed a great exposure for you and your career.

Should you have any idea or feedback about the website, you can contact the owner by filling up the Contact form at the website.

The admin and the owner of the website is Ir. Dr. Zaki Yamani Zakaria, an academician from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, also a Professional Engineer and previously a practicing engineer. You can read more about him at .

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